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Unconventional Spreadsheets

Today we plan on going over some really unique, wacky, or maybe even over the top extravagant ideas for spreadsheets. Spreadsheets can really do just about anything you know, and this article sets out to prove it.

First, let’s take an ordinary use for a spreadsheet and really blow it out of proportion. Let’s not leave anything out either. We don’t want to “cell” ourselves short after all. Get it?

Anyway, quite often, a spreadsheet is used to keep track of a budget whether it be a personal budget, a small business budget, or a budget for some other event. That’s pretty cool in and of itself, but what if we took this whole budget idea and really expanded on it?

Let’s say you wanted to budget with someone (like a new potential life partner for instance), but didn’t want to share accounts with that person. Well, you’d need a pretty unique tool to combine those two ideas into one.

Alas, a new spreadsheet is born! You can take an average spreadsheet and turn it into a fancy tool to do all of the following:

  • Budget with your new best friend
  • Keep your accounts separate
  • Distinguish whose transactions are whose
  • Add calculations or metrics showing who owes whom and for whatever it may be
  • Set financial goals together, separately, or even both all at the same time

And these are just the first few ideas that come to mind.

But enough about budgets. Did you know that you can turn a spreadsheet into a sophisticated seating chart? Well you absolutely can!

Spreadsheets include all sorts of shapes, diagrams, and tools and you can do all kinds of things with them too. This makes creating a seating chart a cinch!

Next, you can make a super fancy flowchart to lay out your entire seating chart design process. You can also make a color coded list to keep track of your tasks to map out how you want to build this flowchart as well.

Oh and while you’re at it, you can create a spreadsheet to compare all sorts of color palettes so that you can pick your favorite colors for your list. And you can even create a random color generator to populate your new “color palette spreadsheet” on top of that!

Have we gone overboard with this example?

Either way, now you know that when we say you can create an awesome seating chart with a spreadsheet, we mean it!

There are so many different fun and quirky things a spreadsheet can be used to do. If you still are not convinced however, allow us to present another 10 unique spreadsheet ideas below.

  1. A customized calculator for evaluating the value of a house.
  2. A list of your favorite songs to come up with organized playlists.
  3. A tool to hold your resume information and automatically generate a new one with ease.
  4. A system to manage your own personal library.
  5. A full blown travel plan, budget, and itinerary to manage your whole vacation.
  6. A sophisticated Christmas or Birthday wish list that can be shared with and edited by others.
  7. A picture painting tool.
  8. A family tree.
  9. A digital cookbook to keep track of all your home cooked meal recipes.
  10. A video game.

As you can see, the spreadsheet possibilities are absolutely endless. No matter what may be said about the limitations of boxes, rows, and columns, you really can make a spreadsheet do almost anything you can imagine!

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  1. Fantastic suggestions! You certainly give all of us great ideas and food for thought that we would never think of ourselves! Congratulations!

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