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Track Your Running in One Place

Sometimes, you just want a template to dump your data into so you can see the results.

Plus, if you are a runner, you don’t want this to be a slow or painful process either. Enter in the Running Log!

The Running Log

The Running Log is a spreadsheet template designed to help you see and analyze all the information you want to know about your running performance.

With the Running Log, all you have to do is add in the date, time, and distance of your run. Once you do that, the template does everything else for you.

Visualize Your Performance

With the running log, you can view your:

  • Average pace
  • Total run time
  • Total distance
  • Pace distribution

And so much more!


On top of that, the built-in dashboard is fully automated and dynamic.

In other words, you don’t have to build or change anything, and you can update the year to automatically update the charts and metrics.

Download Today

If this sounds like a template you can use, click the links below to download the templates today!

Buy for Excel – $9.95

Buy for Google Sheets – $9.95

I hope you love using and working with the Running Log template!

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