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Track Your RSVPs in Google Sheets

What Does RSVP Mean?

The term “RSVP” comes from the French expression répondez s’il vous plaît, meaning “please respond.”

If you find that RSVP is written on an invitation, then the host has requested that you respond to say if you plan to attend the event. RSVPs help the host get an accurate estimate of how many guests will be attending.

The Elements of an RSVP

RSVP requests usually include several very important pieces of information. These are:

  • Who is invited
  • When to RSVP (the deadline)
  • The response options
  • Instructions on how to respond

Who Is Invited

An invitation with an RSVP request should make it very clear who is invited. For example, plus ones are usually indicated, and couples are often named together.

If there is no indication of a permitted guest or anyone else, you should assume the invitation is only for you.

When to RSVP

RSVP requests usually include a deadline for the response. This means that you should always try to RSVP on or before the deadline.

Generally speaking, the sooner the response the better. This gives to host more time to ensure that the event is structured properly to accommodate all attending persons.

The Response Options

Most of the time, the response options for an RSVP request are either “Yes” or “No.”

However, there are instances where other information is requested as well. Examples include meal preferences or indications of how many plan to attend out of those formally invited.

Instructions On How to Respond

Finally, an RSVP request should include instructions on how to respond. In the past, RSVP responses were commonly sent back through the mail. However, as time goes on, many RSVP responses are collected electronically.

Either way, the invitation should provide instructions as to how to submit a response.

Keeping Track of RSVP Responses

If you find that you are hosting an event that requires collecting RSVPs, it might be handy to have a tool to track them all.

This is where the Spreadsheet Life RSVP Tracker comes into play.

This handy template makes it super easy to build your guest list and track:

  • Who you’ve sent invitations to
  • Who has responded
  • Who’s attending
  • Any last-minute cancelations

This template also comes with a summary dashboard that gives you a quick overview of all your attendees.

RSVP Tracker - Summary Page


The RSVP Tracker is super easy to use, and very useful as well.

If you want to learn more, you can read about the RSVP Tracker by clicking here.

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