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Track Your Inventory in Google Sheets

When it comes to tracking inventory, there are all kinds of software products out there to help you do it.

But what if you just want a simple solution instead? If that sounds like you, check out the Inventory Tracker for Google Sheets.

The Inventory Tracker

The Inventory Tracker is a template designed for Google Sheets that allows you to list your products, track your sales, and manage the overall inventory.

On top of that, this template comes with a built-in lookup page to make it super easy to see the info for any product at any time. All you have to do is enter the ID number for that product, and the information shows up automatically.

Speaking of ID numbers, this template will also create unique ID numbers for all of your products once you enter them. This way, it is easy to categorize and distinguish your items.

The Big Takeaway

Of course, this template is not the most complicated solution out there. But it does have two things going for it.

  1. It gets the job done simply and effectively.
  2. It’s built for Google Sheets making it easy to access anywhere.

If anything, this template is worth a try!

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