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Three Ways to Round Numbers

When working with numbers in spreadsheets, sometimes you need to round them.

Luckily, both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel come with three built-in functions to help you with just this task.

These three functions are:


We will cover all three functions in this article.

The ROUND Function

The ROUND function does exactly what you would expect. This function rounds a given number up or down depending on the standard rules of rounding.


For example, the number 5.20 when rounded to the nearest whole number results in 5.00.

5.50 rounds off to 6.00, and 5.70 rounds off to 6.00.

The ROUNDUP Function

The ROUNDUP function is not for herding cattle. Rather, this function is used to always round a number up no matter what.


For instance, the number 5.20 would round to 6.00 when using the ROUNDUP function.

The ROUNDDOWN Function

The ROUNDDOWN function is similar to the ROUNDUP function in that it will only ever round a number one way no matter what. The difference is that the ROUNDDOWN function will always round a number down.


For example, the number 5.70 will round to 5.00 when using the ROUNDDOWN function.

And these are the three functions typically used for rounding numbers in spreadsheets.

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  1. I love the =ROUND function! The way I use it is to make sure that I have a round number out of a formula that might create a longer, unusable number. Like if a formula in cell D5 were to be 1/3 or 0.3333333333…4, I can use the =ROUND function to get it to just two decimals by using the function =ROUND(D5,2) and it will give me 0.33! Very helpful fuction!

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