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Three Productivity Tips and a Spreadsheet

Doesn’t it feel great to be productive?

You wake up, get a lot of important tasks done, and enjoy your progress throughout the day. It really does make for a good day!

Plus, after a wonderful day of productivity, you’re pretty tired which means you will probably sleep pretty well. Overall, productive days are fun and great to have.

Ok…so how can I be more productive?

There are tons of answers to this question, and I am sure that you may have already hear of several. However, I suspect that if I include hundreds of solutions in a single post, it would be just a tad too long. So instead, I will give you three awesome productivity tips and a spreadsheet idea for each!

Productivity Tip No. 1 – Always Work From a List

Our brains are absolutely magnificent. It is amazing what we can do with our minds! We can innovate, create, and solve almost any problem imaginable.

However, there are limits to how much we can focus on at one time. In other words, our brains can juggle a lot, but they can’t juggle everything at once.

The best thing to do is let our minds focus on what matters in the moment.

If you have a list of ten or twenty tasks, the last thing you want is to be expending unnecessary brain power on keeping these tasks in your head.

Instead, get all of this extra junk out of your head and into a spreadsheet. Once you’ve opened up your brain’s channel capacity, you can really focus and figure out the best solutions to even the toughest problems.

Plus, you now have the added benefit of your tasks being stored in a spreadsheet.

Why is this an added benefit? This is an added benefit because you can now utilize the power of spreadsheets to further manage and organize any list of tasks that may lay before you.

Productivity Tip No. 2 – Identify Your  Top Three Tasks the Day Before

Now that you’ve got a place to store and keep track of all of your to dos, you can focus on getting them done.

If you only have one or two tasks before you, then it isn’t too hard to get them done. But if you’re faced with 50 or 100, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle and lose focus on completing what’s most important.

To combat this problem, I suggest that you identify your top three tasks the day before.

What do I mean by this?

I mean that sometime before tomorrow comes along, identify your top three tasks that you plan to accomplish before you head to bed. When you do this, you are identifying your priorities for the day to come.

This is important because this gives you a mission for the upcoming day. When you wake up tomorrow, there will be no question what you should do or what you should focus on.

Also, as you sleep your subconscious brain will have already started working on trying to figure out how it will accomplish the tasks ahead.

Although this sounds like a simple idea, it is very powerful when put into practice. What’s more, you can easily put it into practice by using a spreadsheet.

Take the list from your spreadsheet and use it to identify your top three priorities the day before. Put them in another spreadsheet even. The more spreadsheets the merrier!

Productivity Tip No. 3 – Track Your Time

Everybody can get more money, but nobody can get more time. We are all given the exact same 24 hours each and every single day. No more. No less. The only difference is how each person decides to spend their time.

This is why I suggest you make an effort to track or trace your time to see where it’s going in the first place.

If you find yourself wondering where all your time has gone, perhaps it was not spent in the best way possible. And even if you can’t get that time back, you can capitalize on all the time you’ve still got left.

If you track your time, you begin to give yourself a chance to spend it more wisely, and that will make all the difference.

If you are uncertain of where to start, make some notes and enter some start and stop times into a spreadsheet.

Your spreadsheet will give you the power to not only track your time but also to gain insight from your timely choices. The more you learn, the more you will improve time after time.

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