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The SORT Function in Excel 365

With the emergence of Office 365, a handful of useful functions were introduced in Microsoft Excel!

Among these many functions is the SORT function!

In this article, I will show you what this function can do and how to use it.

The SORT Function

The SORT function takes an array of data and sorts it numerically or alphabetically.

Take the list of names below, for example.

The SORT function takes the range of cells and sorts them alphabetically.


How the SORT Function Works

The SORT function has one required argument and three optional arguments.

  • Array – This is the range of cells or array of values that the function will sort. (Required)
  • Sort_index – This is a number indicating which row or column you want to sort the data by. (Optional)
  • Sort_order – This argument is either 1 or -1 and determines if the data is sorted in ascending order (1) or descending order (-1). This argument is 1 by default. (Optional)
  • By_col – This argument is a logical value indicating if the data is sorted by row (FALSE) or column (TRUE). This argument is FALSE by default. (Optional)

To use the SORT function, reference the data in the first argument of the function and set up the other arguments as desired.

SORT Function – Example 1

Sometimes, you only need the first argument.

The SORT function takes the data and sorts it in ascending order.

SORT Function – Example 2

Other times, you can use the other arguments to change how the data is sorted.

In the example above, the SORT function looks at the data range A2:D10 and sorts the data in descending order by the values in column 2.

As you can see, the SORT function is a very nifty new function in Excel 365. Master this function, and you have another amazing tool in your spreadsheet toolbox!

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  1. I saw your YouTube Short on this and thought it was so cool! But I didn’t realize you could sort an entire table! This is a lot more handy than I thought!

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