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The Power of Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets Are Powerful!

Spreadsheets can do all kinds of stuff, and they can do it in all many different ways. It’s really crazy how much a spreadsheet can do!

“But wait, isn’t a spreadsheet just a blank page with little boxes (called cells) that you can sort of customize and do a few math operations with?” You are exactly right. The thing is, a spreadsheet can do all of that and so much more all at the same time! Let me just give you a few quick examples.

Spreadsheets Can Help You

Spreadsheets Can Act As

  • The perfect calculator for your daily mathematical problems
  • Your calendar to track important events
  • A timecard to log your worked hours
  • A database to keep track of your DVD collection
  • The perfect planner to organize your entire vacation

Spreadsheets Can Be Used To

  • Track your habits
  • Plan out your Christmas gifts for the whole family
  • Store all of your delicious dessert and dinner recopies
  • Divide up the chores among your family or roommates
  • Keep a copy of this list that is probably way to long

Even though a spreadsheet is basically just a page on a screen with boxes (or cells), it can be used for just about anything. All you have to do is stretch, squeeze, and fill theses “grid boxes” with a little bit of information or a little bit of math.

All of a sudden, you just might have something extraordinary. In fact, these so called “cells” are quite powerful.

  • You can store all sorts of information.
  • You can color them.
  • You can apply rules to them.
  • And yes, you can quite literally stretch and squeeze them.

And just like any great picture or masterpiece that is made up of smaller pieces or pixels, you can turn a collection of well-designed cells into something truly amazing.

The only limit is your imagination. And so here at Spreadsheet Life, we would like to help spark your imagination with different ideas and insights of how spreadsheets can be used to create something truly extraordinary.

We want to show and share how spreadsheets can help anyone make their life better! And that includes you!

We truly believe in the power of spreadsheets, and hopefully someday, the world (or at least our wonderful and fantastic readers) will believe in that power too.

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