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The Power of a To Do List

A great piece of advice is to always work from a list.

Why is this so?

Well there are many different reasons, but there are two very important ones to make note of.

First, by getting all of your tasks or to-do items out of your head and onto paper (or some other external storage space), you free your mind. You give your brain the space and room it needs to actually start thinking about completing your tasks in the first place.

Instead of being so concerned with memorizing what must be done, you can simply focus on doing it instead.

The second reason is simply this – a to do list makes the organization and planning of your work a whole lot easier.

With all of your tasks laid out in front of you, it’s easy to move things around, prioritize what’s most important, and get rid of or delegate what’s not. This way it is much easier to make a plan and get things done!

If You Need a To Do List – Look No Further

Now that you know the benefits of a to do list, you may find yourself looking for a to do list tool. The good news is that there are many tools right here at Spreadsheet Life that you can use.

The Printable To Do List

Printable To Do Lists - With Dates Page


We have a free Printable To Do List that you can use to print out the perfect layout of your choice. This free template gives you a great starting point for the perfect to do list.

The Personal To Do List

Personal To Do List - Dashboard Page

We also have a Personal To Do List template for Google Sheets. This is another free template that you can use to keep all of your tasks organized in the cloud.

The Simple Excel To Do List

To-Do List Dashboard

And finally, if you’d like a powerful to do list application based in Excel, you can download the Spreadsheet Life Simple To Do List by signing up for our 3-2-1 Newsletter. This to do list tool is great for keeping your tasks organized, and it’s also great for tracking your progress over time.

Sign up for the 3-2-1 Newsletter today to see it for yourself!

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