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The Name Box in Google Sheets

Let’s talk about the Name Box in Google Sheets and how it can help you navigate around your spreadsheet.

What is the Name Box?

The Name Box is the small box near the top-left corner of your spreadsheet file, just above the row headings.

This box serves several purposes, but there are two features in particular that I would like you to know.

  1. The name box always displays the address of the currently selected cell or range of cells.
  2. You can use the name box to jump to and select any cell or range of cells at any time.

It’s Like a Built-In GPS

The Name Box is helpful because it makes moving around your spreadsheet very easy.

For example, let’s say you want to go to cell G450. All you have to do is type the cell address into the name box and press enter. Google Sheets will take you straight to cell G450.

The Name Box also provides your location at all times. No matter where you are in your spreadsheet, it will always display the address of the currently selected cell or range of cells.

One More Thing

There is one more thing I would like you to know about the Name Box.

You can use the Name Box to create range names.

Just follow these steps.

  • Select the range you want to assign a name to
  • Enter the name into the Name Box
  • And press enter

You can then use that range name in any formula or function.

To learn more about range names, check out the articles below.

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