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The Excel Shortcut to Paste Values

Here’s the question – what is the shortcut to paste values in Microsoft Excel? This article answers that question!

The Shortcut Is NOW:  CTRL+SHIFT+V

At the time and date that this article was originally published, if you tried to paste values using CTRL+SHIFT+V in Microsoft Excel, it didn’t work.

However, Microsoft has now updated Excel so that CTRL+SHIFT+V does indeed work.

The Old Shortcut

Before the update to Excel, you had to use an alternative shortcut to paste values. If you are curious what that was, then read below.

The shortcut that you used to use to paste values in Excel was ALT + H + V + V.

It is also important to remember to press these keys in succession rather than all at once when using this method. That means that you first press ALT, then H, then V, then V again.

If you use this shortcut, then you will paste only values in Microsoft Excel.

Hopefully, this article provided the answer you’ve been searching for!

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  1. This has been something that I’ve been wondering about Excel for a long time! I love the short cut Ctrl Shift V in Google Sheets. It’s so great and easy to use! This will become one of those shortcuts that becomes muscle memory for me soon enough!

    1. You are 100% correct. At the time that this article was originally published, that was not the case. However, Excel has been updated since then. I have now updated the article to reflect that!

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