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The DSUM Function in Google Sheets

Aside from using the SUMIFS function, did you know there is another way to sum data based on multiple criteria?

You can use the DSUM function instead.

What is the DSUM function?

The DSUM function is a database function in Google Sheets that allows you to sum the values of records that meet multiple criteria.

Here is how you use it.

Step 1 – Get the Setup Right

Before using the DSUM function, you need to set up your data and criteria correctly.

You need your data stored somewhere in your spreadsheet. The data must have labeled headers.

You also need your criteria somewhere in your spreadsheet. The headers for the criteria must match your source data.

Finally, you need a cell to calculate the total.

Step 2 – Enter the DSUM Function

Once you have everything set up, you are ready to use the DSUM function.

Select the cell where you want the total, and enter the following formula.

=DSUM(B7:D17, D7, B4:C5)

The first argument references the entire source data range.

The second argument references the header for the column you want to sum.

The third argument references the criteria range, including the criteria headers.

As a result, you get back the total for those records that meet the specified criteria. In this case, you get the total for Apple trees with a height greater than 10.

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