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The Decision Matrix for Google Sheets

It’s a well-known fact that decisions are hard.

Some decisions are easy, and even some are super easy. But for some reason, most of those pesky decisions we make every day can be quite a challenge.

How do we make things easier? Well, I do have one tool that might help.

Introducing the Decision Matrix from Spreadsheet Life!

The Decision Matrix Template

The Decision Matrix is a Google Sheets template designed to help you overcome those difficult decisions you might deal with from time to time.

It allows you to list your options and weigh them against each other. After you work with the template for a few minutes, you have your decision made. It’s that easy!

How the Decision Matrix Works

The Decision Matrix allows you to list up to six different choices you can pick from.

Next, you list criteria to evaluate against all your choices.

Finally, you assign a weight to each criterion (how important that criterion is), and you’re ready to go.

You score each choice on each criterion, and at the end, the template indicates the decision you should make.

Download the Decision Matrix Today

If you think this tool can help you out in any form or fashion, click the link below to check it out.

View the Decision Matrix Here

You never know. This just might be exactly what you need the next time you’re faced with a tough decision.

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