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The Content Calendar

Creating and running a website is no easy task. There is just so much to keep track of.

After all, I have so many ideas, tools, and resources I want to share with as many people as I possibly can! The tough part is keeping everything organized so that I can better manage my website in the most effective way possible.

Introducing the Content Calendar

How in the world do I go about keeping everything organized and ready to go? I use what is usually referred to as a content calendar.

A content calendar is basically just a table or grid that lists each day in the first column while every other column contains different categories of information.

For example, on my personal content calendar, I have a column for blog posts, a column for spreadsheets, and a column for emails.

Content Calendar Rows

The Purpose of the Content Calendar

So we’ve got a table full of dates and different lists aligned with those dates, but why is this helpful? What is the purpose of the content calendar?

Basically, the whole idea is to get an overall look at the master plan. The content calendar allows you to schedule and plan when to post, send, launch, or release a certain item.

Content Calendar | Date Feature

This makes it easier to organize your to-do list and identify what is the next most important item to focus on.

The Excel Content Calendar

Now there are a lot of different tools you can use to create a content calendar.

  • You can probably find an app or website to help you build one
  • You can draw out your own on paper or in a journal
  • Or you can use my personal favorite creation tool – a spreadsheet!

I chose to use a spreadsheet because I could create and customize the content calendar to work exactly how I want. What’s more, it makes it is easy to replicate, back-up, expand, and enhance.

For example, if I want to add more rows or columns, my Excel workbook makes it super easy to do so. If I need to add more pages or sheets to hold more information, I can do that with a few clicks of a button.

Excel Ribbon | Insert Rows

Utilizing the power of spreadsheets makes the creation, use, and customization of my content calendar easier than ever before.

An In-Depth Look

Before I draw this post to a close, I want to give you a quick in-depth look into the inner workings of my Content Calendar Workbook.

At this point, I’ve talked a lot about the front page of my content calendar and how it works, but one of the best things about my content calendar is the collection of individual sheets behind the main page. In fact, these worksheets contain the details that help me keep everything else straight.

Excel Sheet Tabs

The post page, workbook page, and email page are all very similar. Simply put, these sheets are just lists that contain information about all of my different posts, spreadsheets, and emails.

Plus the best part is that I can include as much or a little extra information about each item as is necessary.

If I need to know the due date of each item, I can list the information here. If I need a few extra notes to remind myself exactly what I am supposed to write about, I can include them with ease.

These pages help me keep everything organized and help me plan every step of the way.

Content Calendar Spreadsheet List

If it weren’t for my content calendar, running and keeping up with my website would be a whole lot harder.

  • I would struggle to keep my posts written and planned
  • Creating spreadsheets on time would be a whole lot harder
  • Getting my emails out on time would prove to be quite difficult as well

But thanks to my content calendar, I’m much more organized and managing my website is that much easier. This is just another example of how a spreadsheet helps me to better organize and manage my life.

It Can Do The Same For You

You don’t have to run your own website to have use for a content calendar.

If you post frequently on Facebook or Instagram, or if you are a journalist or some other type of author, then a content calendar can be a really useful tool to have.

In fact, if there’s anything you do that involves scheduling or planning of items to complete, then a content calendar just may be the tool you’ve been searching for!

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