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The Camera Tool in Microsoft Excel

Imagine if you could take a picture of a portion of your spreadsheet and then place that picture somewhere else within your workbook.

And what if that picture was dynamic? As in, the picture updated whenever the data changed.

How amazing would that be? Did you know that there is a feature in Microsoft Excel that lets you do just that?

It’s called the camera tool, and I will show you how to use it.

Step 1 – Enable the Camera Tool

The camera tool is not a command available in the Excel ribbon. So the only way to use it is by adding it to your Quick Access Toolbar.

Click the down arrow in your Quick Access Toolbar, and select More Commands.

Under “Choose commands from,” select Commands Not in the Ribbon.

Then select Camera, and click Add. Finally, click Ok.

You should now see the camera command available in your Quick Access Toolbar.

Step 2 – Take a Picture

To take a picture, select the range you want to photograph.

Then click the Camera command in your Quick Access Toolbar.

Finally, navigate to the worksheet or location where you want the picture and click to place the photo.

You now have a dynamic picture of your worksheet that will update as the data changes.

And now that you know it exists, have fun taking pictures and using the camera tool in Excel.

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