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Because I am involved with spreadsheets in my job every day, (mostly Excel but a small growing number of instances of Google Sheets), I thought it would be wise to learn how things work in Google products, not just Microsoft app’s. So, I signed up for Google sheets and once again Ryan’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the product was infectious. I was surprised at the number of actions that Google sheets makes much easier than Excel. The lessons in this launchpad were logical and building. Ryan provides positive upbeat assistance at every step and encourages the student to try and to think intelligently. I had planned to skim through the lessons and look for any areas where something was ‘easier’ than Excel but I found so many nuggets of shortcuts and ‘better’ ways to complete a task that I ended up watching many lessons more than once as they were so interesting and helpful. Ryan has a fun, easy yet thorough style of teaching and he leads by example and provides tons of examples! Thank you Ryan!

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