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Test Your Spreadsheet Basics Knowledge

Are you ready for a quick spreadsheet exam? This article will test your Excel and Google Sheets knowledge!

The ten questions below will sample your spreadsheet proficiency. If you find yourself stumped at any time, the answers are provided and will include a link to the related Spreadsheet Basics article to strengthen your understanding.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Question 1

Take a look at the selected range below.

What is the properly written reference for this range?

  1. 3B:7C
  2. B7:C3
  3. B3:C7
  4. BC:3-7

The Answer

If you selected B3:C7, you are correct. See our post, Spreadsheet Cells and Ranges, to see how to reference a range of cells.

Question 2

The background color of a cell is known as what?

  1. The Background Color
  2. The Fill Color
  3. The Ground Color
  4. The Color

The Answer

If you selected The Fill Color, you are correct. See our post, Cell Formatting – Change the Look, to learn more about simple cell formatting and terminology.

Question 3

All formulas in a spreadsheet must start with what character?

  1. =
  2. +
  3. F

The Answer

If you selected the equals sign (=), you are correct. See our post, Learn About Spreadsheet Formulas, to see why.

Question 4

The inputs into a spreadsheet function (the values between the parentheses) are known as what?

  1. Function Inputs
  2. Arguments
  3. Parameters
  4. Modules

The Answer

If you selected Arguments, you are correct. See our post, The Anatomy of a Function, to learn more about spreadsheet functions.

Question 5

Which of the following references is an absolute reference?

  1. A5
  2. B6:C2
  3. $A$3
  4. #A2

The Answer

If you selected $A$3, you are correct. See our post, Understanding Cell References, to see why.

Question 6

Which keyboard shortcut would you use to fill a formula or value down a selected range?

  1. CTRL + D
  2. CTRL + R
  3. CTRL + Y
  4. CTRL + G

The Answer

If you selected CTRL + D, you are correct. See our post, Basic Spreadsheet Keyboard Shortcuts, to learn more.

Question 7

Which of the following features would you use to limit or restrict what can be entered into a specific cell or range of cells?

  1. Conditional Formatting
  2. Data Validation
  3. Cell Control
  4. Worksheet Protection

The Answer

If you selected Data Validation, you are correct. There are two posts on this topic.

Question 8

A defined range that contains filter buttons and specific headers is known as what in Excel?

  1. Data Construct
  2. Filter Set
  3. Grid
  4. Table

The Answer

If you selected Table, you are correct. See our post, Create a Table in Excel, to learn more about Excel tables.

Question 9

A filter in Google Sheets allows you to do what with the data? (Pick 2)

  • Quickly modify the data
  • Sort the data based on a specific column
  • Transpose the data
  • Filter the data by specific criteria

The Answer

If you selected sort the data based on a specific column and filter the data by specific criteria, you are correct. See our post, Create a Filter in Google Sheets, to learn more about filters.

Question 10

The steps for creating a chart in Google Sheets are listed below.

  1. Set up the data
  2. ???
  3. Go to Insert > Chart
  4. Change the chart type if necessary

Which step is missing?

The Answer

The missing step is: select the data. See our post, Create a Chart in Google Sheets, to see why.

And that is the end of your spreadsheet quiz. We hope you had fun testing your spreadsheet knowledge!

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  1. 10/10!!! This one was tougher than yesterday!! Great way to test the knowledge I’ve been learning through the spreadsheet basic blogs! I can’t wait for more quizzes to come out!

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