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Ten Excel Shortcuts for Rows and Columns

One of the best things about Microsoft Excel is that there is a whole lot you can do by using just the keyboard alone.

Sure, you can do almost everything with the mouse, but sometimes using the keyboard is much faster and a lot more efficient.

That being the case, we will be going over ten keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed up your manipulation of the Rows and Columns in spreadsheets.

Listed below are the ten shortcuts we will be covering just in case you just want to take a quick glance.

  1. Hide Row – Ctrl+9
  2. Unhide Row – Ctrl+Shift+9
  3. Hide Column – Ctrl+0
  4. Unhide Column – Alt+H+O+U+L
  5. Auto Fit Row – Alt+H+O+A
  6. Auto Fit Column – Alt+H+O+I
  7. Add Row – Alt+H+I+R
  8. Add Column – Alt+H+I+C
  9. Delete Row – Alt+H+D+R
  10. Delete Column – Alt+H+D+C

Now without further ado, it’s time to take a shortcut!

No. 1 – Hide Selected Rows

Ctrl + 9

To hide any rows that are selected, simple press the Ctrl key along with the number 9 and boom, your rows are hidden instantly.

By the way, when we say “selected rows,” that does not mean that the entire row has to be selected. Any amount of cells in the row can be selected for this to work. Even just a single cell.

No. 2 – Unhide Selected Rows

Ctrl + Shift + 9

To unhide any hidden rows that are selected, simple press the Ctrl key, Shift key, and the number 9 and you’ve got your hidden row to be visible again.

If you are having trouble selecting the hidden rows, you can simply highlight two cells on both sides of the hidden rows and then use your keyboard shortcut. The visible rows won’t be affected or altered, and you’ve got your previously hidden rows to be visible once more!

No. 3 – Hide Selected Columns

Ctrl + 0

Just like hiding rows, this shortcut works very similarly. Simply select cells in the columns you would like to hide and press Ctrl+0. It’s that easy!

No. 4 – Unhide Selected Columns

Alt + H + O + U + L

Unhiding columns is similar to unhiding rows in that you can highlight two cells on both sides of the hidden columns and then use your keyboard shortcut. There is, however, one important difference I want to make you aware of.

Since we are using the Alt key here, I advice that you don’t attempt to hit all five keys in this shortcut all at once. First of all, that would be really hard. Second of all, these keys are meant to be pressed in the order you see above and not all at once.

Often when you see the Alt key as the first item in an Excel keyboard shortcut, you are meant to press the keys sequentially and not simultaneously.

No. 5 – Auto Fit Row

Alt + H + O + A

If you ever find yourself with a row that is too big for your text, then this is a handy shortcut to know. Using this shortcut will cause the row to either collapse or expand to display all relevant content without wasting excess space.

Once again, you need to select the cell or cells you want to apply this to for the shortcut to work properly.

No. 6 – Auto Fit Column

Alt + H + O + I

This is just like auto fitting a row, but we are adjusting the column width instead. This shortcut will adjust the column width of the selected cell or cells to display all of the content without wasting excess space.

No. 7 – Add a New Row

Alt + H + I + R

This keyboard shortcut is pretty cool. It allows you to insert a new row into your spreadsheet. After all, sometimes we need a few extra rows.

One thing to note is where this new row will be added. The new row will be added above the row that is currently selected. So keep this in mind when you are using this shortcut.

Also, if you want an easy way to remember this one, think of the I and the R as representing “Insert” and “Row.” This way, you can easily remember the shortcut for “Inserting” and new “Row.”

No. 8 – Add a New Column

Alt + H + I + C

Just like adding a new row, this shortcut will “Insert” a new “Column” (this is what the I and C stand for) into your spreadsheet. As for where this new column will be added – it will be added behind (or to the left of) the column that is currently selected.

No. 9 – Delete a Row or Rows

Alt + H + D + R

This shortcut simply deletes any rows that you have selected.

Yep, it gets rid of them and they are gone forever. Unless you hit the Undo button (or press Ctrl+Z) that is.

Also, this is another super easy one to remember because you can imagine that the “D” stands for “Delete” and that the “R” stand for “Row.”

No. 10 – Delete a Column or Columns

Alt + H + D + C

Once more, just like deleting rows, this shortcut will delete any columns you have selected. And as far as memorizing this one – think of the “D” as standing for “Delete” and the “C” as standing for “Column.”

And there are your ten quick Excel shortcuts for the day!

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