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If you need a way to automatically generate SKUs for all your products, then this is the perfect template for the job!

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The SKU Generator template makes it easy to store product information and will automatically generate a unique SKU for each individual product.

What’s more, this template also includes:

  • Categories to organize all of your products
  • Several options to customize the SKU format
  • Three customizable fields for extra product information
  • An easy way to lookup product information by SKU

This template is built for Excel 2019 or later!

Learn how to use the SKU Generator Template! Watch the video!

1 review for SKU Generator

  1. Salko Safic

    This is a great, nifty little product. I’m an absolute nube to SKU’s, but this spreadsheet is definitely helping me master very quickly. An addition would be nice to this, and that’s having an inventory stock management. This way I could keep everything under the one banner.

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