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This is the ultimate tool for keeping a record of the books you read. It’s simply the best Excel Reading Log you will ever find!

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This Excel template is the ultimate solution for keeping a record of all your reading. You can set goals, track an unlimited number of books, and get the best reading statistics out there!

With this template, you can:

  • Add and delete books with ease
  • Set your reading goals for the year
  • View all the statistics for any given year
  • View an all-time summary of your reading
  • Print out an auto-generated yearly report

The Excel template is one of the best you’ll find on the web!

Don’t believe me?

Download this template today, and try it out for yourself!

This workbook uses macros to function properly.

2 reviews for Excel Reading Log

  1. Maggie

    One of the goals I have each year is to increase the number of books I read. This template is a great way for me to track my reading. Highly recommend!

  2. Nancy McCracken

    Thank you for encouraging more reading & keeping record of it fun & easy!

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