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Do you have debt you’re trying to pay off? If so, try out the Debt Avalanche template, and get rid of your debt for good!

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The Debt Avalanche Google Sheets template is the perfect tool for guiding you through the debt avalanche process of paying off your debt.

  • You start by listing your debts from largest to smallest by interest rate.
  • You make all of the minimum payments on all of your debts.
  • You put any extra money you can towards the first debt on your list.
  • Once you pay off your first debt, take what you were paying on it and put all of that money towards the next debt on your list.
  • Continue this process until you are finally debt free!

The best part is that this template puts together your entire payment plan for you. Simply list your debts and mark your payments every month. That’s all there is to it!

Download the Debt Avalanche template, and begin paying off your debt today!


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