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If you love listening to audiobooks, then this is the spreadsheet for you! This Google Sheets template is very simple to use and makes it easy to log your listening.

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The Google Sheets Audiobook Tracker helps you track all of your audiobook hours in one place. Once you enter the date, title, author, and book length, the template does the rest of the work for you. Using this template also gives you all sorts of information including:

  • Total audiobooks books read
  • Total hours logged
  • Average book length (hrs)
  • Total unique audiobooks listened to

What’s more, this template includes a dynamic dashboard which allows you to select the year and view all of the following information for that year. Plus, since this is a Google Sheets template, you can take these statistics wherever you go!

  • Audiobook count by month
  • Hours by month
  • Hour accumulation over the year
  • Audiobook length distribution
  • And a few more statistics for fun

Everything is completely automated, and you never have to worry about updating any of the functions, formulas, or graphs yourself.

Download this template now and see it for yourself!

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Audiobook Tracker – Google Sheets Template


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