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Spreadsheet Vision and Data Visualization

Isn’t data interesting? Don’t you just love looking through thousands of lines of records and numbers just to see what insights you can gather from them? After all, isn’t that what a spreadsheet is? Row after row, and column after column of information and data and lots of calculations.

Yes. It is true. At its core, this is what a spreadsheet really is. However, that is not ALL of what a spreadsheet truly is.

A spreadsheet is so much more than just the data locked within its cells. Part of what makes a spreadsheet spectacular is what you can do to the data once you’ve got it. And one of the things you can do is visualize the data in all sorts of different ways via graphs, charts, and visual data displays.

Spreadsheet Graphs

Why Graphs and Charts?

Why does this matter? Why are graphs and charts so important? We are glad you asked!

Graphs and charts help you to understand data on a whole other level. These tools allow you to display information in such a way to make it easier to comprehend, easier to gain insights, and easier to draw conclusions that could have been missed otherwise.

On top of that, different graphs allow you to represent the same information in many different ways. They even allow you to tell a story, and the best part is – everyone loves a good story!

Story Graph

The story doesn’t end here either. Graphs and charts also make it possible to find relationships and make predictions. They give you the ability to take your data and make something magnificent out of it.

Graphs make it possible to create something valuable and insightful. After all, who would ever want their data to go to waste? Turn your data into a beautiful picture to highlight your predictions of a strong and powerful relationship for the future still to come!

Bar Graph

Graphs and Charts Within Spreadsheets

Now that we’ve established the power of graphs, we can go back to discussing the power of spreadsheets! There are so many different graphs and charts you can create within a spreadsheet. For example, you can make any of the following in an Excel Workbook alone.

  • Bar Graph
  • Line Graph
  • Pie Graph
  • Scatter Plot
  • Box and Whisker Plot
  • Histogram

That’s certainly a lot of graphs. What’s more? Abundance alone does not make spreadsheets spectacular. What makes a spreadsheet an amazing chart creation tool is:

  • The ability to make any chart with just a few clicks of a button
  • The ability to update charts whenever the data changes in real time
  • The ability to modify and customize graphs in almost any way you can imagine
  • The ability to create a fully functional dashboard to monitor the state of almost anything

Data is powerful and gathering insight from data is even more powerful. Telling a story with data will truly open the door to making a difference.

In our data driven world, I encourage you to pick up your spreadsheet and capitalize on all that it can do. Tell your story, make your point, and exercise your spreadsheet vision to the absolute max!

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