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Remove Duplicates in Google Sheets

Here are two ways you can remove duplicate values in Google Sheets.

Method 1 – Use the Menus

Let’s say you have a list of colors in Google Sheets.

How do you remove the duplicate values so that you are left only with unique colors? Follow the steps below.

Start by selecting all the colors with your mouse.

In the Google Sheets menus, go to Data > Data cleanup > Remove duplicates.

In the window that appears, click on Remove duplicates.

You now have a list of all unique colors with no duplicate values.

Method 2 – Use the UNIQUE Function

You can use the UNIQUE function to get a list of unique values from a referenced range. Here is how to use it.

Start by typing in the UNIQUE function, and enter your range of values for the first argument.

Press the Enter key, and the UNIQUE function generates a list of unique values from your list.

And there you have it – two simple ways to remove duplicates in Google Sheets!

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