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Remove Blank Rows in Google Sheets

This article will show you how to quickly delete blank rows in your dataset when working in Google Sheets.

If this sounds like something you can benefit from, then read on!

Step 1 – Create a Filter

The first thing you should do is select all the cells containing your data.

Next, add a filter by going to Data > Create a filter.

Step 2 – Filter by Blanks

With your filter applied, click on any of the filter buttons and follow these steps.

  1. Click on Clear
  2. Check (Blanks) by clicking on it
  3. Click on Ok

Now only the blank rows should be visible in your filter.

Step 3 – Delete the Empty Rows

Now that you can see the empty rows:

  • Select the empty rows
  • Right-click
  • Click on Delete selected rows

Step 4 – Clear the Filter

With the empty rows deleted, go to Data > Remove filter.

You should now have your data free of any empty rows.

Try this out the next time you’re faced with cleaning up your data in Google Sheets. It will probably save you a whole lot of time.

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  1. This is so cool! I actually saw this on your Youtube Shorts channel! I didn’t realize that Google Sheets had this trick to it!

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