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Randomly Assign Teams in Google Sheets

In this article, you will learn how to set up Google Sheets to randomly assign a group of participants to any number of teams.

Once you set up the spreadsheet, you only have to click twice to assign everyone to a team. And if you don’t like the results, you can re-randomize the assignments again!

The Setup

Before getting into any functions or formulas, you need to set up your spreadsheet. Start by listing the team names across columns in row 1.

Next, list the participants in a single column to the right of your team names.


With your spreadsheet setup like this, you are ready to compose the formula.

The Formula

Add the following formula to cell A2.

=WRAPROWS(participant_range, number_of_teams)
=WRAPROWS(E2:E10, 3)

This formula uses the WRAPROWS function to take the participants and split them up across all of the teams.

The first argument of the WRAPROWS functions references the range of cells containing all of the participants. In this case, the participants are listed in the range of E2:E10.

The second argument of the WRAPROWS function is the number of teams you have. In this example, there are three teams.

With your formula set up, all that’s left is to randomize the assignments.

Randomize the Range

To randomize the team assignments, you must randomize the original participant list.

To do this, select the range of cells containing the participants. With this range selected, right-click and select View more cell actions, and then Randomize range.

This will shuffle the list of participants, thereby resulting in randomized team assignments.

And that is how you can randomly assign teams in Google Sheets.

See It In Action

Check out the video below to see this method demonstrated in Google Sheets.

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