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Quick Spreadsheet Solutions

Do you ever just find yourself in a pinch?

You know. One of those times that you just need to pull out the right tool for the right job at just the right time. I know I do, and you can probably guess what I tend to use in times just like these.

You guessed it! It’s a spreadsheet!

For this post, I’m going to show you four instances where a spreadsheet can be your quick fix solution in a pinch.

A spreadsheet cannot solve all your problems, but it can solve most of them without a doubt.

No. 1 – A Quick To-Do List

Imagine this.

You’re going along with your day being productive, getting things done, and living life when all of a sudden…BAM! You’re hit with something like 20 tasks thrown straight in your face and in two minutes you’re overwhelmed.

They say that one of the best things you can do in this situation is to make a list. If you work from a list, you don’t have to spend precious brain power trying to remember everything you have to do.

Instead, let your list do the heavy lifting while you let your mind focus on actually matters – getting things done.

The trouble is, what do you use to build your list in the first place? That’s when you pull out your spreadsheet.

You can enter in all of your different to-do items once, and take care of all the list details later. In just a few minutes you’ve got all your tasks captured and have freed your mind from unnecessary clutter.

The best part is that since your tasks are in your spreadsheet, you can use all of the fancy spreadsheet features to organize, sort, and prioritize things even further.

No. 2 – Deciding What to Buy

Let’s say you’re looking for a computer. You know sort of what you’re looking for, but there are just so many options and so many features to pick from. And don’t even get me started on all the different prices.

Why is the black computer an extra $250.00 when it seems to be just as good as the off brand silver one? There are just so many variables. It can be so difficult to compare them all.

Once again, enter in the spreadsheet.

With your spreadsheet in hand, you can quickly capture all the information as you surf the web.

  • You can make note of all the websites you visit
  • You can compare all the features
  • You can even store ratings and notable comments too

Before you know it, you’ve built up a digital portfolio of all your options. Now you can use your tool to help you make the best decision possible.

And this is all without having to visit each and every webpage over and over again trying to figure out what in the world you are going to do.

No. 3 – Working Out a Date

Time management can be tough. For instance, what if you needed to know the number of days between now and your project due date?

I suppose you could pull out the calendar and count the boxes between now and then, but that seems like a lot of work to me.

Instead it would be so much easier to just pull out your spreadsheet and solve the problem in a flash. (At least, I’m pretty sure a flash is quicker than a pinch.)

In three simple steps you’d have your answer:

  1. Enter in today’s date in cell A1.
  2. Enter in the due date in the cell right below it (A2).
  3. Enter in =A2-A1+1 into cell A3 and you immediately have your answer.

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

No. 4 – Take Notes

You probably don’t hear this one a lot with all the different note taking apps and methods that are around these days, but you can totally take notes with a spreadsheet if you want to.

In fact, sometimes it can be very useful to do so.

  • If there is a recipe you need to capture for future reference, you can easily lay it out in grid column format
  • If you need to jot down someone’s contact info, a spreadsheet makes it easy to space it all out
  • If you need to record dates and times and numbers galore, you can easily store them in a spreadsheet

In short, a spreadsheet can make it really easy to take notes in an organized fashion. After all, you can capture almost anything you can imagine.

Even if you just need a quick solution, a spreadsheet can still be the answer. And finally, once everything is all said and done, you didn’t just keep a notebook. You created a powerful workbook!


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