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More Than Just Numbers

When you think of a spreadsheet, do you almost immediately think of numbers and formulas and calculations? I know I do. But even so, spreadsheets can do so much more than simply crunch numbers.

In fact, you can use them to build shapes, paint pictures, and even manipulate text in all sorts of fun and creative ways!

If you don’t believe me, here are three fun and innovative examples that will hopefully change your mind.

Shaping Things Up

You can use all sorts of shapes in spreadsheets. From circles to squares to triangles, you can color them, style them, and even program them to create unique and powerful user interfaces.

If you are tired of using those tiny spreadsheet tabs to navigate your Excel workbook, you can just use shapes to create your own custom navigation system instead.

Spreadsheet Navigation With Shapes

You can create more than just a fancy menu too.

  • You can create custom messages to guide your actions
  • You can use shapes to model a seating chart
  • You can even use shapes to highlight the most important parts of your powerful workbook tools

Spreadsheet Shapes for Explanation

Picture Perfect

Did you know that you can create art with spreadsheets? You can indeed!

In fact, whenever I get asked if I’m an artist or if I have a creative side, I definitely say yes. My workbook is my sketchbook.

Spreadsheet Color Palette

Give me a pen and blank sheet of paper, and I shall struggle to make even stick figures look good.

But give me a spreadsheet, and I shall create a beautiful digital canvas.


When it comes to numbers, spreadsheets are king. When it comes to text, spreadsheets are still pretty useful. In fact, you can do so many things with text. You can:

  • Search through it
  • Manipulate it
  • Transform it
  • Capitalize on it
  • You can even spell-check it

Microsoft Excel Functions Ribbon

Your Excel workbook may not be quite as good as your Word document when it comes to writing as essay, but you can still use your spreadsheet to do plenty of other things for your text based projects.

So with a handful of good ideas and a few creative insights born out of your imagination, you can really make a spreadsheet do almost anything you can imagine.

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