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Manage Money With The Power Budget

One of the best free spreadsheets to download here at Spreadsheet Life is the Power Budget.

This tool is very powerful and simple to use. In fact, this workbook makes it easy to:

  • Manage your accounts in one place
  • Keep a record of all of your transactions
  • Balance your checkbook with ease
  • Manage your budget every month
  • Take a closer look at your spending habits

To expand on these points, let’s walk through how you would set this workbook up and use it to accomplish all of these amazing feats!

Manage Your Accounts in One Place

This workbook is smart enough to track several different accounts. In fact, you can enter and track as many as you would like.

All you have to do is navigate over to the “Accounts” page and click the “Add Account” button.

The Simple Budget - Click Add Account Button

Next, you simply add the name of the account along with it’s starting value (the amount of money you have in the account right now).

The Simple Budget - Add Account Info

It’s that easy, and you can add as many accounts as you would like. Plus, you have a “Delete Account” button that makes getting rid of accounts a breeze.

Record All of Your Transactions

The next best part of this workbook is the ability to log and track each and every one of your expenses.

Just navigate to the “Transactions” page and click any of the buttons to enter the applicable transaction.

The Simple Budget - Enter a Transaction

Balance Your Checkbook

One of the best things about spreadsheets are the formulas and functions that do all of the math for you.

This workbook is great because it will always calculate the current balance of all your accounts based on the transactions you enter.

The Simple Budget - Balance the Checkbook

Why is this helpful?

This is super helpful because once you enter all of your data, you can see whether or not the account balance in the spreadsheet matches the account total posted in your bank account.

If the two numbers don’t match up, this offers an opportunity to catch a possible mistake either on your end or the bank’s end.

Using just this simple method alone has allowed me to catch fraudulent transactions on my account on several occasions. And I am so thankful that I did!

Manage Your Budget Every Month

Probably the best part of this workbook is the ability to manage your budget.

You can create and manage as many budget items as you’d like to. Just like with your accounts, navigate over to the “Budget” page and click the “Add Budget” button. You then enter the budget information, and you’ve got yourself a brand new budget category.

Also, this workbook will calculate and track all of your budget balances automatically.

The Simple Budget - Add A Budget

You can also visualize your budget performance with the built in graphs and statistics.

The Simple Budget - Awesome Graphs

Take a Closer Look at Your Spending Habits

The best part of this workbook is probably one of it’s most helpful features.

Check out the dashboard!

Simple Budget Spreadsheet Dashboard

With this simple but effective dashboard you get insight into your spending for the whole year! You can take a look at your budget performance, your spending performance, and if you’re saving or losing money over time.

If this seems like a spreadsheet that you can use, then check it out download this spreadsheet for free today! It just might be one of the best investments you will ever make.

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