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Make a Plan that Fits the Bill

Bills, bills, and more bills!

Why are there always so many bills so much of the time? How in the world are we supposed to keep track of them all?

Well…if we had a plan or a tool to help us keep track of all these bills, it may not be so difficult!

The Benefits of Making a Plan

When we put together a plan, navigating the future becomes much less troublesome.

Plans allow us to prepare and get things organized before challenges come our way. Plans also allow us to free our minds from the burden of trying to keep everything in line.

When we make a plan and prepare for what’s to come, it becomes that much easier to succeed and hit our goals.

Make a Plan the Fits the Bill

Coming back to the idea of too many bills and too little time – a strong plan can really help deal with this overall problem.

There are many different methods, systems, and tools out there that can help you manage your bills. You can even use your calendar with built-in reminders to help you keep everything straight.

But if you are still searching for a tool or method to help you organize all of those bills, then check out the Spreadsheet Life Bill Planner template. It just might be the solution you are looking for.

The Bill Planner

The Spreadsheet Life Bill Planner is an Excel template that allows you to track and manage your bills in one place.

This template allows you to add all of your bills to an organized list and mark each bill as it is paid each month.

The best part is, this template will keep a history of all of your bill payments and automatically update the next projected due date for each bill. You can even use the fully automated dashboard to get a bird’s eye view of all your bills.

Bill Planner - Dashboard Page

Give It a Go

The Bill Planner is completely free and available for download.

It might be the solution you need, or it may spark other ideas. Either way, give it a go and see for yourself.

Take the next step in organizing what’s due, and remove the stress of too many bills too much of the time.

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