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Make a Plan and Take Action

To reach higher levels of success, one of the best things you can do is set goals to point you in the direction of that success.

However, goals alone will not lead you to success. You must work on your goals, create a plan, and follow through. Moreover, each step in the process is more important than the last.

Set Goals to Point Yourself in the Right Direction

In the movie Alice in Wonderland, there is a point at which Alice comes to a crossroads. She runs into the Cheshire Cat and asks, “which way should I go?”

The cat cleverly responds, “where would you like to go?” Unsure of where she is headed, Alice admits that she isn’t sure. The Cheshire Cat then says, “If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

This simple part of the story is very relatable to everyday life. If you aren’t sure where you’re going or what you want to achieve, who knows which path you’ll walk or where you will end up. Even more importantly, it may not even matter.

To avoid drifting through life and arriving at some unknown destination, give yourself some direction through the practice of setting goals. If you know where you’re headed, then you are much more likely to get there.

Create a Plan to Achieve Your Goals

Once you’ve set your goals, the work is not finished. In fact, you’re just getting started.

The next step of the process involves thinking about your goals and making a plan to achieve them. You have a direction to travel, but now you need a roadmap to help guide you along the path.

Without proper planning, it can be all too easy to slide off course. Do what you can now to plan ahead so that you are much less likely to get lost along the way.

If you want more motivation to think and plan ahead, check out our article Forty-Two Quotes About Planning.

Take Action on Your Plan

This final piece of the puzzle is certainly the most important. You can set the most ambitious goals imaginable and even devise the perfect plan, but absolutely nothing will happen without action to yield results.

It’s action that determines our destiny. We can hope. We can wish. We can plan, and we can dream. But without action, we won’t get anywhere at all.

Don’t expect someone else to do the work for you or to carry you along the path. The path in front of you is yours, and it’s for you to travel on your own two feet.

Of course, you will have friends and family and others to help and even guide you along the way, but no one else can walk the path for you. Your journey is yours, and only you can travel through it.

So take action and do what must be done. If you set your goals and made a plan, all that’s left is to follow your plan. There is no need to wonder what to do next, you made those decisions in the first two steps. All you have to do now is set out to do what you decided must be done.

Do this, and you will achieve your goals. Do this, and you will arrive at the destination you desire.

A Tool to Help

Now that we’ve thoroughly coved the importance of setting goals, creating a plan, and taking action, here is a tool to help you with this process.

The Action Plan template for Excel is a spreadsheet template that you can download here at Spreadsheet Life.

This wonderful template helps you to set up to ten unique goals. On top of that, you can create an action plan for each one. Then as you start taking action and work through your tasks, you can track your progress along the way.

Download this template today, and start setting your goals right away. Build the perfect plan, and take action to make your dreams come true.

You can do it. You know what to do, and now all you have to do is follow through. You can do it, and you can start today!

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