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Keep Your Chart From Vanishing

Let’s see if you have ever faced this issue.

You finally finished creating your chart in Microsoft Excel. Your chart looks great, and your data is solid!

All that’s left is to hide the data to keep it safe.

With your data hidden, everything should be good to go. Or is it?

Oh no! What happened to the chart? Hiding the data made the chart disappear. But why?

If you want to learn how to make the chart re-appear, then keep on reading!

Why Did the Chart Disappear?

By default, charts in Microsoft Excel will not display data in hidden cells. Therefore, the graph disappears when you hide the cells containing your chart data.

No need to worry, though. There is a way you can keep your data hidden and have the chart visible all at the same time.

Make Your Chart Re-appear

To make your chart re-appear, follow the steps listed below.

Right-click on your chart and click on Select Data.

Next, click on Hidden and Empty Cells.

Check the box that says Show data in hidden rows and columns, and then click Ok.

Click Ok one more time, and your chart should now be visible.

Now the next time you hide your chart data, you can configure your chart to keep it from vanishing!

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