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Keep Track of All Your Assignments

Whether you are in school trying to keep all your classes straight or at work trying to keep all your project tasks organized, we’ve got a spreadsheet for you!

The Class Assignments Template

The Class Assignments Excel workbook is a spreadsheet template that you can download right here at Spreadsheet Life. This powerful template gives you the ability to track tasks or assignments for up to ten different classes or projects.

All you have to do is list your classes or projects, and the template provides a task table for each.

The task table consists of four fields.

  • Assignment or task name
  • Due Date
  • Percent Complete
  • Status

To use the assignment table, simply type in a task or assignment along with a due date, and update the percent complete over time. The template will automatically fill the assignment status for you so there is no extra work there.

To switch between classes or projects, simply click on the applicable tab. This template is easy to use and navigate making it a very useful tool to have.

View a Summary of All Your Assignments

The Class Assignments template also comes with a Summary page that shows you the status and progress you’ve made on each project or class.

On top of that, you can navigate to the Dashboard page to get a visual indication of how things are going. The dashboard is also dynamic. You can change the totals shown simply by selecting an applicable class or by leaving this field blank entirely.

In mere seconds, you can see exactly how things are going.

Download Today

If you didn’t catch it the first time, this template is available now.


Try it out and see it for yourself. It just might be the tool you’ve been searching for!

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