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Keep the Day Simple and Use a Spreadsheet

It is very easy for our days and spreadsheets to go from a blank slate to cluttered and overrun with information, decisions, dates, meeting times, and everything else in between.

Things can go from peaceful to chaos in almost an instant if you’re not careful, but one of the best ways to avoid this mayhem is to keep things simple.

Following the theme of keeping things simple:

  • I will keep this post short and simple
  • I will show you how to keep your day simple
  • I will showcase a simple daily spreadsheet

A Simple Post

No complicated words. Just a few suggestions and ideas. It doesn’t get any more simple than that.

Keep Your Day Simple

Your day doesn’t have to be a mess and it does not have to be unproductive either.

Here are three things you can do to keep your day both simple and streamlined.

  1. Identify your three most important tasks for the next upcoming day the night before
  2. Do your most important task first thing in the morning
  3. Be sure to write down all of your other tasks, and always work from your list

These three ideas are not hard to implement, and they are not that complicated either.

However, I can tell you from experience that if you do these three things then your priorities will be clear, your days will be more organized, and you will get a lot more done!

A Simple Daily Spreadsheet

Just like your day, your spreadsheet does not have to be crazy or complicated. In fact, you can put together a simple spreadsheet to help you carry out the three ideas that I mentioned above.

Make a space at the top of your spreadsheet to identify your top three tasks for tomorrow. Be sure to type them in and print out a copy so that you are ready to jump into action first thing in the morning.

Top Three Tasks

Once you’re awake, highlight your most important task and get it done right away.

When you are finally finished, you can check off your first task of the day and you have your next highest priorities right in front of you. Plus, even if you get nothing else done today at all, you have at least accomplished what was most important!

Top Three Tasks | Highlighted First Task

Use the remaining space on your spreadsheet printout to list all of your other tasks and activities.

Now you have:

  • Your priorities identified
  • Your day laid out in front of you
  • A plan of action you can follow

Extra Tasks Below

Take these three steps. Keep your day simple. And improve your life with the amazing power of spreadsheets.

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