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How to Split Up CSV Data in Google Sheets

So you’ve gotten your data into Google Sheets, but each record is stuck in a single cell. Your data might look something like this.

Having your data separated by commas like this makes it very hard to work with. So how do you fix it?

Use Split Text to Columns

The easiest way to get each field of your data into separate columns is to use the built-in text-to-columns feature.

Start by selecting all of the data. An easy way to do this is to use CTRL+A.

With all the data selected, go to Data Split text to columns.

Google Sheets will pick up on the delimiter (a comma in this case) automatically and split up the data fields for you.

Fit the Data

Now that you have your data in separate cells, here is an easy way to adjust all of the column widths at once.

Use CTRL+A twice to select all of the cells in the worksheet. Then double-click on the right edge of column header A.

Google Sheets automatically adjusts the widths of the columns to fit the data.

Your data is now set up and ready to use in Google Sheets.

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