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How to Reference Another Sheet

This article explains how to reference a cell in another worksheet in both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets!

It works the same way in both spreadsheet programs.

How to Do It

To reference a cell in another sheet, you need three things.

  • The name of the worksheet containing the cell
  • An exclamation point
  • The address of the cell

With these three pieces of information, you write the reference like this to reference the cell from another worksheet.


You start with the name of the worksheet. Add an exclamation point. And then finish with the address of the cell.

In the example below, cell B2 in Sheet2 is referencing cell D4 from Sheet1.

You can also add dollar signs to make the cell reference absolute instead of relative.

And that is how to can reference a cell from an entirely different worksheet!

Important Note

If the sheet name looks like a reference (such as AB12) or if the sheet name contains spaces (such as Sheet Name), then the sheet name portion of the reference must be placed in single quotes like so.

='Sheet Name'!A1

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