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How to Print in Excel

This article will show you how to print a worksheet in Excel. We will also cover how to adjust some important print settings as well.

How to Print a Worksheet

To print a worksheet in Excel, follow the steps listed below.

In the Excel Ribbon, go to File > Print. You can also use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + P.

Click on the Next Page or Previous Page at the bottom of the window to preview all the pages that will print.

When you are ready to print, click on the Print button.

Adjusting the Settings

Here are some settings you might want to adjust when printing your worksheet.

Change What to Print

Instead of printing the entire worksheet, you can change the settings to print only a portion of it.

For example, here is how to only print a specific selection of cells.

Start by selecting the range of cells you would like to print.

Next, go to File > Print or use CTRL + P. Then choose Print Selection under Settings.

Finally, click the Print button to print the selection.

Change the Orientation

You have the option to switch between Portrait Orientation and Landscape Orientation before you print.

To change the orientation, click where it reads Portrait Orientation and change it to Landscape Orientation.

You can click this same button again to change it to Portrait Orientation.

Adjust the Page Margins

To adjust the page margins, follow the steps listed below.

Click on the Margins button and select one of the predefined margins.

If you would like to customize the margins even further, click on Custom Margins.

You can now change any of the margins in the Page Setup dialog box. When you finish adjusting the margins, click Ok.

Change the Scaling

If you want to fit a worksheet with lots of data onto a single page, click on the button that reads No Scaling.

Change the scaling to Fit Sheet on One Page to print a single page with all the data.

Note: Be careful when using this option. Excel does not warn you if the printed page is unreadable due to too much data.

Print Multiple Copies

To change how many copies are printed, adjust the number in the Copies box. You can also use the arrows to adjust the copy amount up or down.

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