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How to Import Website Data into Excel

In this article, I will show you one of the best ways you can import website data into Excel.

The Website Data

Let’s say you found some data on a website and would like to import that data into Excel. If the data on that website is in a table format, then there is a simple way to import that data into Excel.

The Process

To import the website data into Excel, go to Data From Web.

In the dialog box that appears, type in or paste the URL of the website into the URL box. Then click Ok.

A new window will appear. Under display options, click on the data you wish to import. Some websites may not have any tabular data available for import.

You can then click on Load.

Excel will then grab the data from the website and insert that data into your workbook.

Example Data

For practice, try importing the data using the website link below.

Largest Cities in US

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  1. Excel is so powerful! Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the data is actually in tabular form. The way you would check would be see if it pops up on that “Navigator” screen then, right?

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