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How to Create a Custom Table Design

If you’ve ever created a table in Excel, it may not look the way you want.

In this article, I will show you how you create your own custom table style to make your table beautiful and effective.

One of the best ways to learn is by working through an example. Therefore, I will start will a simple Excel table using the default design and show you how to customize it.

From Here to There

Take a look at the table below.

I will start here and create a custom style to transform the table to look like what you see below.

Now that you know where this is headed, let’s get started.

Creating a Custom Table Style

Start by selecting any cell in the table. Then go to Table Design, and select the down arrow in the Table Styles group in the Ribbon.

Then click on New Table Style.


In the dialog box that appears, give your new style a name.

Next, click on Whole Table and then click on Format.

Click on the Border tab, and select the color White, Background 1, Darker 25%.

Click on the Outline button. This will apply the border on the outside of the table.

Then click on Ok.

Next, select Second Row Stripe, and click on Format.

Select the Fill tab, and click on More Colors.

Select Custom and enter a value of #F7F7F7. This number represents a very light grey color.

Click Ok.

Click Ok.

Finally, select Header Row, and click Format.

Under the Fill tab, select the color White, Background 1, Darker 5%.

Under the Border tab, select the color White, Background 1, Darker 25%.

Then click on the Outline button.

Under the Font tab, select Bold for the Font style, and then click on Ok.

Finally, click Ok to complete your new table style.

Apply the Table Style

Select any cell in the table, and under the Table Design tab in the Ribbon, click on the down arrow in the Table Styles group.

Click on your new table style under Custom to apply it to your table.

And that is how you can create your own custom table style to effectively design your Excel tables.

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  1. This is so helpful! I know I refrained from using tables for the longest time because I didn’t like how it was formatted, but this is so easy to do once you know how!

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