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How to Compare Two Worksheets in Excel

Let’s say that you have two worksheets in Excel with similar data.

You have laid out the data the same way on both worksheets. There is an equal number of rows and columns with data, and everything lines up.

The big question is – are both data sets exactly the same, or are there some subtle differences?

In this article, I will show you how to identify the differences.

The Setup

Before you find the differences, you want to set up your data correctly.

Each dataset should be on a different worksheet. Both datasets should be sorted in the same order. That way, the records for each dataset are in the same row on each worksheet.

Identify the Differences

With your data set up, you can now find the differences.

Select all of the data on one of the two worksheets.

Then, go to Home Conditional Formatting > New Rule.

Select use a formula to determine which cells to format.

Enter the formula below.

= A1 < > OtherSheetName! A1

Next, click on format. Under the fill tab, select a color of your choice.

Then click OK. And click OK. Excel highlights all cells with data that is different.

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