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How to Check Spelling in Google Sheets

Did you know that you can run a spell check in Google Sheets?

You can, and it’s easy to do. In this article, I will show you how to quickly and easily check the spelling of all words in your Google Sheets spreadsheet.

How to Check Spelling

Go to Tools Spelling Spell Check.

Google Sheets will then check all the text in the currently selected worksheet and provide suggestions for any misspelled words.

You then have three options.

  • Change the misspelled word to the Google Sheets suggestion.
  • Ignore the misspelled word.
  • Add the misspelled word to your dictionary so Google Sheets will not consider it as a misspelled word in the future.

Once you click on the desired option, Google Sheets will move to the next misspelled word it can find.

Once Google Sheets has located all misspelled words in the active worksheet, it will ask if you would like to check the spelling in all the other worksheets as well.

You can click on the x to exit, or you can click on the Search All Sheets button to check the remaining worksheets.

How to Spell Check a Specific Range

Google Sheets also gives you the option to spell-check a specific range.

Just select the range you want to spell check, and then go to Tools Spelling Spell Check.

Google Sheets will then search through the selected range for any misspelled words.

And that is how to check spelling within Google Sheets.

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  1. The Spell Check in Excel and Google Sheets is literally a life saver. I always forget to use it at the worst times though! Maybe I’ll remember more often after reading this blog post!

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