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How to Assign Letter Grades in Google Sheets

Let’s say that you have the scores recorded for all the students in your class, and now you need to assign the letter grades.

You can use a formula to assign all the letter grades automatically.

See the Example File

The Setup

To begin, make sure that you have all of your students listed in your spreadsheet along with their final scores.

Next, set up the grading scale so you have the minimum score for each grade on the left and the letter grades on the right. Also, ensure that minimum scores are sorted from least to greatest.

The Formula

The next step is to select the cell next to the first student in your list and enter the following formula.

=LOOKUP(StudentScore, MinimumScore_LetterGrade_range)
=LOOKUP(C5, $F$5:$G$9)

Note that the reference for the second argument is an absolute reference (contains dollar signs).

The LOOKUP function takes the score in C5 and searches for that score within the first column of the F5:G9 range. Specifically, it searches for the minimum score closest to and less than or equal to the score from C5.

The LOOKUP function then returns the corresponding letter grade from the F5:G9 range.

Copy the Formula

Now all you need to do is copy the formula for the remaining students.

Just double-click the fill handle, and Google Sheets will copy the formula for the remaining data.

And that is the easiest way to assign letter grades in Google Sheets.

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