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How to Add Units to Numbers in Excel

Did you know that you can add units to your number in Excel?

For example, instead of just having a random number like 20, you can add a unit to this number so that it shows up as 20 Apples or maybe 20 Lbs.

All you have to do is apply a specific custom number formatting.

How to Add Units to Numbers

To add units to your numbers in Excel, start by selecting the cells containing those numbers.

Next, right-click and select Format Cells.

Under the number tab in the format cells dialog box, select the Custom category.

Then type in a 0 or type in 0.00 to include two numbers after the decimal.

Add a space after that, and then type in your unit measurement within quotation marks. In this example, we are working with budget numbers, so perhaps it would make sense to type in something like USD.

After that, you can click on Ok. Your units now show up along with the numbers in each cell.

How to Change the Units

Let’s say that you want to change the units from USD to Euros.

To change the units, select the cells with the numbers, right-click, and select Format Cells.

You can then change USE to Euros, but make sure to leave quotation marks on either side of the new typed-in unit.

You can then click on Ok.

Units Do Not Affect the Number

Even though the cells now show the unit measurement along with the numbers, you can still treat the cells as if they only contain numbers.

In other words, you can still perform math operations and use these numbers in functions and formulas like normal.

For example, let’s say you want to calculate the remaining balance for each budget category.

You can simply type in your formula like normal, and the math works just fine.

And that is the beauty of adding units to your numbers through custom number formatting. It makes it possible to perform normal math and function operations while providing context to your numbers in Excel!

How incredible is that?

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