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How to Add Star Ratings in Google Sheets

In this article, I will show you how to add star ratings to your products in Google Sheets.

The Setup

Start by storing your products and their numerical ratings somewhere in your spreadsheet.

Also, make sure you have a cell to store your chosen star icon.

Finally, make sure you have an empty column next to your products where the star ratings will go.

The Process

After the setup, select the cell where you will store the star icon and go to Insert > Emoji.

Type Star in the search box, and select the star icon of your choice.

Next, select the empty cell next to the first product in your list and enter the following formula.

=REPT(cellWithStar, productRating)
=REPT($C$2, C5)

Note that the first argument is an absolute reference.

The REPT function will repeat the chosen star icon the number of times equivalent to the numerical rating. As a result, you get a visual star rating for your product.

To finish, double-click the fill handle to assign star ratings to all your products.

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