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The Power of Google Sheets Sharing

Microsoft Excel is certainly my favorite application to use when it comes to creating spreadsheets, but sometimes I prefer to use Google Sheets instead. Why is this?

One of the best aspects of Google Sheets is the ability to share any Google spreadsheet you create with anyone else who also has a Google account.

Ryan Google Account Snapshot

What Do You Mean By “Sharing?”

When a Google spreadsheet is shared with another person, that person can now access the spreadsheet from their own device at any time so long as they have an internet connection.

Also, the creator of the spreadsheet can decide what permissions or abilities the new person can have once the spreadsheet has been shared with them.

Specifically, there are three main permissions that are set by the creator when they share the spreadsheet. These include the ability to view, comment, and edit the spreadsheet. Here is what I mean by each one.

  • View – the creator can decide to only allow the new person to view or see the shared spreadsheet and nothing more
  • Comment – the creator can decide to also allow the new person to make comments and suggestions to the spreadsheet at any time
  • Edit – the creator can finally allow the new person the permission and ability to edit the document and further share the spreadsheet with others

Sharing Options - Google Sheets

Why Is Sharing Important?

Now that we know what sharing a spreadsheet means, we can move on to discussing why it is such a powerful and important feature.

Have you ever found yourself working on a task or project that required input from others? I know I have. In fact, I face this situation every week if not every single day.

What can really make this hard is when you have multiple people wanting to make changes or add their input to a single document.

Without the power of sharing, you are stuck sending this document back and forth via email or instant messaging. Although you can send a message in an instant, getting a response can take quite a long time. This can lead to group projects or collaboration tasks taking a lot longer than they need to.

Enter in the power of sharing. All of a sudden, everyone has the ability to view and make edits to the same document at the exact same time. No more time is spent sending your document or spreadsheet around in unending circles.

Plus, not only can everyone make edits and see everyone else’s work in real time, but you can make comments on the spot and keep communication at its highest level.

Google Sheets Comment

The ability to share a spreadsheet adds so much benefit to productivity, efficiency, and fun!

But Wait, There’s More!

There really is more to sharing than just increased efficiency and fun. I believe the true power of sharing a spreadsheet lies in the possibilities of what you can create.

All of a sudden, you can build spreadsheet tools for all sorts of new tasks and purposes. To name just a few, you can create:

  • A Gift Registry
  • An Event List
  • A Custom Poll or Survey
  • A Joint Budget or Money Manager
  • A Shared Database
  • A Competition Tracking Tool

And these are just the first six ideas I could come up with on the spot.

The possibilities of what you can create are truly endless. What you can create with a spreadsheet is limited only by your imagination. And now with the power of sharing, the endless possibilities have become even more limitless than ever before!

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