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Google Sheets Settings

The point of this post is simple. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed with all of the different settings, tabs, and buttons that are floating around for you to use.

You don’t need to use them ALL to create an effective spreadsheet. In fact, you only need to know a small handful to be successful.

This being the case, today we are going to go over a few settings and tools you can utilize in Google Sheets (specifically) to really enhance your spreadsheet design experience.

No. 1 – Toggle Gridlines Off

One of the most obvious characteristics of spreadsheets are the gridlines. These thin gray lines practically make a spreadsheet look like a spreadsheet.

However, you don’t always need them to build an effective spreadsheet.

Google Sheets Settings Toggle Gridlines Off

Sometimes, as much as they help, gridlines can get in the way. They can make a spreadsheet feel crowded or too busy.

And they can also distract you or your audience from what really matters – the data and information within the spreadsheet itself.

Plus, if you really do need to structure your spreadsheet by adding in some lines in certain places, you can use borders instead of grid lines.

This can actually be a much better solution in the long run. Why? Because you can highlight and set the focus on where you really want it to be.

Highlighting the important information in a spreadsheet

This is much better than littering the screen with unnecessary lines that don’t serve a purpose in the first place.

No. 2 – Freeze Rows or Columns

This is a nifty setting to capitalize on. If you ever find yourself wanting to view one part of a spreadsheet while you look at another part that is somewhere else on the page, then this setting will help.

The Freeze Rows (or Columns) option allows you to freeze some cells in place while you can scroll through the other cells which are not “Frozen.”

Google Sheets Settings Freeze Rows or Columns

This can come in handy when you want to keep certain numbers or headings in view while drilling down into the data underneath.

There are times when you just don’t want to scroll through everything. Freeze the important stuff and scroll through the rest.

Also, here is a fun fact that is specific to Google Sheets. You can Undo (Ctrl+Z) the action of freezing rows or columns. This is different when compared to Microsoft Excel’s “Freeze Panes” option which cannot be turned off by hitting Undo (Ctrl+Z).

No. 3 – Protecting Sheets and Ranges

Protecting your spreadsheet is important. After all, no one wants to spend hours creating the perfect spreadsheet just to have someone come along and destroy it.

What’s more, sometimes you might want to allow access to a portion of your spreadsheet while you restrict access everywhere else. Either way, protecting your spreadsheet is a good idea.

Google Sheets Settings Protect Sheets or Ranges

This becomes especially important when you consider that any Google Sheets spreadsheet can be shared with just about anyone else.

Even if there are benefits to sharing, you still run the risk of someone messing up your hard work if you share it with them. Therefore, utilizing sheet or range protection can be a really good idea.

No. 4 – Spell Check

Yes, you can absolutely spell check your spreadsheet.

Google Sheets Settings Spell Check

Of course sometimes this isn’t a good idea because your spreadsheet may contain crazy acronyms or fun data labels. However, there are certainly times when a quick spell check could come in handy.

All you’ve got to do is press the spell check button, and you can take a quick look at all the misspelled words on your worksheet. You can ignore the ones that don’t matter, and correct the mistakes that were accidental.

Just because you’re using a spreadsheet doesn’t mean you have to lose out on spelling. You just get to pick and choose a little more easily.

So whether you are changing the view or adding in some protection, a few small settings can go a long way.

It’s not one big event that makes a spreadsheet spectacular. It’s all the details that go in to making it a true digital masterpiece.

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