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Get the Middle Name in Google Sheets

In this article, I will show you how to write a formula to capture the middle name from a list of full names in Google Sheets.

The Setup

Before you can write your formula, you first need to have a list of full names in your spreadsheet. Your setup may look something like this.

The Formula

With the names set up in your spreadsheet, you are ready to write your formula. Begin by selecting the cell next to the first name in your list.

Next, type in the following formula.

=INDEX(SPLIT(A2," "),2)

The SPLIT function splits the full name into an array of three words based on the spaces in between the different parts of the name.

The INDEX function then returns the second value in this array due to the two specified as the second argument. The INDEX function returns the Middle name as a result.

Copy the Formula Down

With the formula written for the first name in the list, use the fill handle to drag the formula down for the remaining names.

And just like that, you’ve captured the middle name from each full name within Google Sheets.

See It In Action

Check out this method demonstrated in the video below.

Download the Practice File

Click the link below to make a copy of the practice file to try it out yourself.

Download the Practice File

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  1. I love seeing a different use for the INDEX function! If I have a list of names with some of them including the middle name, some of them without, do you have a formula that could get just the middle names from that?

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