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Geography Maps in Google Sheets

This article will show you how to use the mysterious Geography Map feature in Google Sheets.

Did you even know you can create an interactive geography chart based on geographical data? You absolutely can!

Keep reading to find out how!

Step 1 – The Setup

Before you can create your geographical chart in Google Sheets, it’s best to start with storing your data. So first, list all the geographical areas as well as the data you want to display.

Once you have your geographical data within your spreadsheet, you are ready for the next step.

Step 2 – Create the Chart

Now that you have your data in Google Sheets, you can start by selecting that data. With the data selected, go to Insert Chart.

The chart editor panel will appear on the right side of the spreadsheet. From here, change the chart type to Geo chart under the Map category.

Next, click on the Customize tab. Under Geo, change the region to whatever geographical region you are working with. In my example, I have the 50 United States. So I will choose United States.

You have now created a geography chart.

Step 3 – Customize the Chart

The last step is to customize the chart to make it easier to read. Since the Geo chart is best interpreted when a single color scale is used, try to select different shades of the same color.

For this example, I will select the following colors for the MinMid, and Max options.

And just like that, you have an interactive geography map that you can use to quickly view statistical information.

How incredible is that?

See It In Action

Check out the video below to see this whole process in action!

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