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Format Multiple Worksheets At Once

In this article, I will teach you something that can potentially save you a lot of time. You will learn how to edit and format multiple worksheets in your Excel workbook simultaneously.

How to Do It

To edit multiple worksheets at once, start by selecting all of the worksheets you want to modify. You do this by holding the CTRL key to select multiple sheet tabs.

Once you have selected the sheets you want to edit, you can make your changes in the currently visible worksheet.

Since multiple worksheet tabs have been selected, all the changes you make will be applied to all the selected worksheets.

Once you have made all the edits you want, click one of the non-selected tabs to deselect all of the sheets. If all tabs are selected, simply click on one of the non-active sheet tabs.

And that is how you can edit and format multiple worksheets in your Excel workbook at the same time.

See It in Action

Check out the video below where I demonstrate this process!

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