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Flip Excel Data in an Instant

Today’s article is short, simple, and fast, just like the tip you’re about to learn.

Have you ever needed to flip your data around to get your rows into columns and your columns into rows?

If so, this article will show you how to do this task with just a few short commands.

Step 1 – Select the Data

The first step is to select all the data you wish to flip. Of course, you can always use your mouse to click and drag to select the cells, but there is a much faster way.

With any cell selected within your data range, just use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + A.


This will automatically select all the data in the vicinity instantly.

Step 2 – Copy the Data

This step is easy. Just copy the data.

Of course, you can always copy the selected cells by right-clicking and selecting copy, but why not use a keyboard shortcut instead?


Just press CTRL + C, and your data is copied.

Step 3 – Paste and Transpose

The last step involves using paste special to transpose and paste the data in a new location (perhaps right below the previous data range).

Once again, you can do this manually by first selecting your paste location and right-clicking and selecting paste special.

The paste special dialog box appears. You then check the Transpose checkbox and then click Ok.

Your data will be pasted with the rows and columns flipped just as desired.

However, there is a much faster way to do this.

Start by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + V.


This will open the paste special dialog box.

Next, press E on your keyboard and then hit the Enter key.

E → Enter

In an instant, your data is pasted and flipped just as desired.

Quick Summary

To wrap things up, here is a summary of exactly what to do.

  1. Use CTRL + A to select the data
  2. Use CTRL + C to copy
  3. Select your paste location
  4. Use CTRL + ALT + V to open the paste special dialog box
  5. Press E and then hit Enter

And that’s how to flip Excel Data in an instant.

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  1. I knew about transpositions, but these short cuts are new to me! That makes it so much easier!! Thanks for the great article!

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